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Born in 1979

International Year of the Child

11/13/06 05:44 pm - jasminefairy - intro survery

Name: Jasmine
Birthday: June 27
Location: Seymour CT US
Music: rock
Show: House, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Nip/Tuck
Movie:way too many to list.
How did you find us: Amber

11/12/06 05:49 pm - skyplain

Hello and welcome back to 1979! I am Amber and I manage this community this is my little intro survey:

Name: Amber
Birthday: Aug 30
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Music: Everything
Show: House, Grey's, CSI, Law & Order, Lost, The Class
Movie: Liar Liar, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook
How did you find us: I Built it :D
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