Cybernetic Organism (cyberganic) wrote in year1979,
Cybernetic Organism

1979 World News

(From this weird little booklet my mom gave me a few years ago.)

Soviet troops invade Afghanistan. * 63 Americans are taken hostage at the American embassy in Tehran by militant followers of the Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini. * Margaret Thatcher becomes the new Conservative Prime Minister of Britain. * Civil war breaks out in El Salvador. * The US has 21,456 reports of murders, half involving handguns. Canada has 207 shooting deaths. France has 1,645 homicides, just over half involving firearms. West Germany has 69 crims involving murder or robbery with a firearm, and Japan has 171. London police fire their guns only eight times. * Sony introduces the Walkman, with a price tag of $200.
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